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Chi-Chi Curl Extensions (3b-3c Curl Type)

$ 165.00
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Go, head, girl! Whip your hair back 'n forth. Our CurlSistas Hair Chi-Chi Curl gives you soft, bouncy, gorgeous tresses that match your 3b and 3c natural texture, flawlessly!

ALL SALES FINAL / NO RETURN OR EXCHANGE (for hygienic reasons) If you have any questions prior to purchase, email us at

If you need to cancel your order, you MUST send us an email WITHIN 24 hours of your purchase. 


Note: We no longer provide satin bags with each order. We also no longer co-wash hair before shipping. Please co-wash your hair bundle upon receiving with your favorite products. :-)

-Model is wearing 2 bundles of Chi-Chi Curl both 20 inch

-100% Virgin Human Hair | Can be dyed and styled with heat

-Weight each bundle: 113g - 120g

-Comes in ONE color dark brown (1B). You can dye it to match your hair

-If real hair is chin length or shorter you'll need 2 packs of clip-ins for desired length and fullness 


-We do not recommend splitting wefts, which can cause increased shedding


-In each bundle, there are 6 clips: 1 - 5 clip, 1 - 4 clip, 1 - 3 clip, 1 - 2 clip and 2 - 1 clips (You'll find a drawn installation tutorial included in your order)


Processing: 5 business days for processing before shipping (weekends and holidays do not count as business days)

Shipping: 1-3 business days for domestic orders depending on where you live in the US. International order times vary

Signature is required upon delivery (except sample orders)


A note on shedding: due to the curly nature of CurlSistas Hair, some shedding occurs. To limit the amount of shedding, we recommend sealing wefts and clip-ins after purchasing.

-Curlsistas Hair loves moisture, just like your real hair. Moisture is the key to keeping CurlSistas Hair looking it's best. Co-wash once every 2 weeks. Do not use a comb or brush, instead use your fingers to detangle, which helps prevent excessive shedding. Each morning, spray hair with water and then seal with an oil or your fave leave-in conditioner. We recommend our CurlSistas Nourishing Oil (the recipe is in our DIY e-book). For leave in conditioners, we like Alikay Natural's Lemongrass Leave-In or Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In. Also, just like your real hair, CurlSistas Hair has shrinkage and looks longer when wet.



Joy + Obi

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Hello, I just wanted to let you all know I have received my clip-ins. I'm so super excited to try them but it just do happens I did a wash and go right before they were delivered so I have to wait until my hair it dry to rock them lol they came just in time for new years eve so I can't wait to get all dressed up tonight with my clip-ins. I also wanted to thank you all for following up with me about all my questions and concerns. You guys have such great customer service and it really put my mind at ease knowing I was able to get in contact with someone so quickly and so often seeing as I have never ordered for you all before. Thank you again!
keronica richardson
Listen ladies, If you are contemplating a decision on buying this hair, I say BUY it. I am so satisfied. I am a 4b and I was able to blend my hair well with this. I have NO EXPERIENCE in doing hair. This was my first time with extensions and my first time installing it myself. I was so worried but when I called Ms. Joy she was so nice and convinced me that I could do it. She was right!! The hair smelled so so good. The instructions that came with the hair is so easy to follow. So, Gurls, if you can't do hair, you CAN install this. I am well satisfied.
First of all, they pay attention to every detail. They have great customer service. Joy was very accessible - you call and you're connected directly to her - and she went above and beyond to ensure I received my package in time for my birthday. They took the time to pre-condition/pre-treat the hair and the packaging was befitting of a premium product. Now, with regards to the hair - this hair is the truth. I've had my hair for three months and it still looks as good as it did when I bought it. No major shedding, tangling, or any other issues. And I'm not very high maintenance when it comes to taking care of hair, so this is truly a testament to the quality of the product. The hair really looks natural and I get countless compliments. I'm extremely happy with my purchase, which is probably evident in the fact that I'm still wearing the hair diligently three months later. In comparison, my closure came from another company (Curl Sistas was unfortunately out of stock) and in contrast, I've had problems with that hair from the beginning - shedding, curl pattern not starting from the "root" of the hair, poor customer service, the list goes on and on. So I definitely recommend Curl Sistas products. Think of it as an investment.
Caterina Genero
The quality of the hair is beautiful. I would definitely buy this product if it were to be available in I-tip you think that could be possible? I would be very interested at that point.. Please advise, thank you!
Couldn't be more happy with the hair or the customer service...on point is all areas!!!
Mom T
my daughter decided to take out her braids and wear her natural hair. BOY what a challenge this has been! trying to figure out products and styling and her hair texture in this humidity. Well I came across your site and was skeptical as I tried another site which I was not happy with. Its for my daughter so I gave it a try, every step was a breeze! ordering, delivery and the product is AWESOME. Thank You! happy mom and daughter!!!
I have gotten so much compliments, especially from my husband who pet peeve when it comes to wearing weaves is, "if it costs that much, then it should blend well enough to look like your own hair". He loves it and I love it! You guys gave awesome instructions for care. I do realize the less I moisturize the more issues with tangling and shedding. I would love to take a picture and send it to you guys. Thanks again for selling such a great product!
Shanah Cole
Super Fast Shipping!!! I ordered this hair and received it in 3 days. No problems, this hair exceeded my expectations. It blends in perfect with my 3c-4a hair with a quick twist out. Other naturals thought this was my hair. I called and spoke with Joi when I placed my order, and she was really nice, warm & very professional!
I love the hair! Finally I found something that matches my own hair exactly! I use the clip in extensions to add volume and a little more length to a variety of styles. The pieces are light and undetectable when I wear a smoother style. The touch and appearance of the hair is very natural. Thanks so much. It was money well spent!
I ordered the Chi-Chi Curl Clip-ins to give me length. This is the best curly extensions I have ever own! The hair comes nicely packaged. It matches the texture of my hair perfectly! Customer service is outstanding! You wil not be disappointed.
Alison Hannibal
I bought my clip in's in September. I like to give some time before reviewing any product so as to give fair and unbias feedback. I was very impressed on first sight but after giving it some time, I really love the quality and service that I received. I have been a happy customer of clip in for years. I don't mind spending top dollar for a superior product. THIS, is a superior product. The hair is BEAUTIFUL. Even people who have known me all my life had to take a second look because it such a perfect match. The hair holds up well also. While it is not suggested, I had an emergency to attend to and wore my hair continuously for about a week. All day, all night. These clip ins did not flinch for a second. Just a quick wetting in the shower and some silk infusion and I was ready to go! I love their choice of clips for this product, they are very strong and hold on to my hair very well without slipping. I also love the selection of sizes with these clip in's. It makes executing a variety of styles very easy. Also, the shedding is very minimum. Everyone, friend,family and even strangers love them and are not shy about saying so. Can you tell I love them??? I really do! Well worth the investment!!
LaToyyia K.
Love the clip in hair! Blends perfectly with my hair. Best of all I have the desired volume I've always wanted.
Denise H.
I'm not one to write reviews but this product is by far the best hair I've experienced. I don't wear weaves or tracks or whatever they're called; but, this summer I wanted to go natural. My hair is usually blow-dried into a bob and I don't use chemicals. When I wet my hair the texture is the Chichi curl. I wanted to have a style that was naturally curly and decided to try the Chichi because it allowed for added length and volume. The product I received was AMAZING! It matches my hair curl pattern exactly! It gives me freedom of style and it's fun. Thank you for a creative way to wear hair that healthy for your own hair and noncommittal.
Caterina G.
Love the hair, I'm very happy with the product. Very good quality and I will be ordering again. ❤️❤️❤️