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Care + Maintenance

The wear time is 1 year or more with proper care (co-washing, conditioning and deep conditioning). This hair needs moisture just like your real hair. Do not use a comb or brush to detangle as this causes shedding. Use your fingers to detangle while the hair is saturated with a conditioner.
Yes. You can try any style on Curl Sistas Hair that you would do on your real hair.
Curl Sistas Hair can be dyed any color.
Yes. CurlSistas hair is 100% human hair and can washed, dyed, and heated.


No. Our Curl Sistas Hair satin bags are only provided with each Curl Sistas Hair clip-in or weft order.


For a full head, you will need 2 packs of hair. One pack is used if you are purchasing hair that is close to the length of your real hair. For instance, if you have 16 inches of real hair, you can get 1 pack of 16 inch Curl Sistas Hair for a fuller look. If your real hair is shorter and you'd like to add LENGTH and VOLUME, 2 packs is needed.
All Curl Sistas Hair textures are priced for 1 pack.
Yes. Our clips are sturdy and will not come unless you unclip.
Depending on the length, you will need 2-3 packs for a wig.
Curl Sistas Hair clip-ins will not strain, break, or damage your hair. The comfortable elastic band located on each clip prevents the clip from moving or damaging your hair. We do not recommend sleeping with the clip-ins. Sleeping with the clip-ins may cause strain. It's best to take them out each night and put them in again the next day. Since the clip-ins only take under 10 minutes to install, they are an easy addition into your morning routine!


Yes, we ship to anywhere in the world.
Each order takes 5 days to process before it is shipped(weekends and holidays do not count as business days).
Yes. You will receive your tracking number when you receive an email indicating your order has shipped.
No. All orders are delivered via the mail only.
Please see our shipping policy page for details on the cost of shipping.
Please see our shipping policy page for details on shipping delivery times.



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