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Loving Your Natural Hair Through Thick + Thin




Our co-founder/Creative Director, Joy Adaeze rockin' our CurlSistas Hair Extensions!

So Curlsistas, let’s keep it real as much as we love love loooove our natural hair not every day is going to be a good hair day. Whether it be the weather outside, our bantu knots looking like a bantu no or our hair obviously waking up on the wrong side of the bed, it happens to the best of us. So if you’re thinking about moping around and complaining about your hair all day, stop right there because you will overcome this! I mean, think about it, as Curlsistas we’ve made it through either the transitioning stage, the big chop stage, and the infamous awkward length stage, are you really going to let one bad hair day hold you back from being the confident Curlsista you are? Nope.   So we’re here to help! Here’s how to get past your Bad Hair Day Blues.   1. Remember the first thing you need to realize is EVERYONE goes through it, so before you go into panic mode, stop, breathe and relax, it’s probably not as bad as your mind is making it out to be.   2. Time to go find those hair accessories! One of the perks of being a Curlsista is experimenting with the endless ways you can dress up your hair. Pull out that headband, that turban, or that beanie. These simple accessories can hide your not so good hair day in a cute way, maybe even create a new trend and best of all no one would suspect a thing!   3. Turn your bad hair day into Bun Day! One of the quickest and easiest hairstyles when you’re just not feeling your hair is the bun/puff hairstyle. Find a scrunchie (or hair tie) and put that hair up. Depending on your hair length you may need additional hair-pins to lay your hair down how you’d like.   4. Bring out the braids & twists! Braids & twists are never out of style. There are countless ways you can style your hair. Ranging from a chic French twist to edgy cornrows, these styles are awesome ways to not just get through your bad hair but also protect your hair as well!  

5. CurlSistas Hair! Natural hair clip in extensions are an awesome way to turn your hair frown upside down and also get a completely different look in literally just minutes with no commitment. Not feeling your hair or just lusting over a bigger fro? Just clip in some extensions and let the big hair don’t care diva radiate. With Curlsistas releasing a line of Natural Hair Clip-In Hair Extensions (Wefted Hair too!) in 3 different natural hair textures you no longer have to spend hours worrying how to blend your natural hair with extensions.  Check out Curlsista’s Co- Founder/Creative Director rocking Adaeze Kinky Curl Hair Clip Extensions above. Coming out later this month. You can sing up for pre-sale info here!  

What are your favorite Bad Hair Day solutions? Share some of your bad hair day experiences with your Curlsistas below.

xo, CurlSista Melissa

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