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Big Chop Journal Entry #11


/Editor’s Note/ Ever thought of taking the leap and going natural– but didn’t know what to expect? Our Big Chop Contributor (aka Big Chop Diva), Shaz Taylor who recently went natural, shares her #bigchop experience with you, freely and openly. Here’s what she had to say this week.xo.Joy New Beginnings It’s going on 6 months since I’ve done the big chop and we’re officially heading into protective-style season. I always see fall as a season of renewal. It may sound cheesy, but the change in weather always feels like a chance to restart in really any aspect of life. I’ve maintained my Twa  over the summer with co-washing and using styling mousse each day. But as my hair grows longer, I am finding the need to detangle and wearing a scarf at night becoming an everyday routine. I feel as if I am entering the biggest test of my commitment to going natural. It’s not that I’m tempted to go back to relaxed hair, as my hair has never felt and looked so healthy before. But I am realizing that although I am keeping my hair in it's natural state, it won’t be any easier than maintaining relaxed tresses.


With each stage after the big chop, I assume that there will be plenty of challenges to come. In this phase, I am in the need for a good trim, new hair styles and products, and a blow dryer (because cold mornings are no good for a wash n’ go). I am also looking forward to adding extensions as a protective style late in the fall, since I have no patience for cold ears and neck come winter (I get chills just by typing the word winter, brrrr). So, tell me, do you change your hair routine each season? Or do you maintain the same 'do year round? Share your stories below in the comments. We’re all in this together. Feel free to ask me questions to answer too! -Shazmin Big Chop Diva You can also find me on  


/Editor's Note/We used NYC Cosmetics colored mascara in blue and purple to achieve this dope ombre look! We'll be doing a YouTube video to show how we did it, but in the meantime here's some quick tips.xo.Joy

1. Make a side part in your hair using a rat tail comb and brush

2. Start by applying the blue mascara onto the top part of the hair as seen in photo. Hold the hair at the tip while applying and be careful not to get hair tangled in mascara wand!

3. Add some blue mascara on the outside perimeter of the hair.

4. Add the purple mascara on the inside as seen in photo and you're all set!

5. Mascara washes off fingers in a snap and washes out of hair easily! This is perfect for quick color for a day : )

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