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My Secret To Detangling Success


If there's one thing us natural gals have to constantly overcome, it's detangling our coily tresses. Since going natural 5 years ago, (I big chopped myself, 2x!) whenever it's time for wash day- one look at my matted 4C hair will have me wanting to take off running or hiding it all under a turban for a few more days, lol. Fast forward to last year...One day it was time to detangle my hair and I decided to give olive oil a try. I figured it had nice slip, why not? My hair was extremely tangled so I had absolutely nothing to lose. And... it was amazing! Not only did the olive help me get those teeny-tiny tangles (you know exactly what I'm talkin' 'bout) but it also prepped my hair with needed moisture before I shampooed, thus working double time as a pre poo. Success! So, of course I had to share this wonderful tip with you all, my lovely CurlSistas! Here's what you'll need to get the best detangling session of your life!



What you'll need:

3 Tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, yup thats it!

What To Do:

1. Put on your fave (preferably ratchet) reality tv show (Love + Hip Hop ATL is my go-to).

2. Pour the olive oil into a bowl or plastic container.

3. Dip your finger into the olive oil and then smooth it onto your DRY hair (do this in small sections).

4. Slowly finger detangle your hair, dipping your finger into oil for more product.

5. After you've finger detangled your entire head, take a wide tooth comb and CAREFULLY comb out your hair from tip to root (yes that't tip to root- this decreases breakage).

6. After you're done combing, you're all set to shampoo your tresses!


-anti inflammatory, promote scalp health, prevents dandruff, penetrates hair very well, improves hair elasticity and strength


CurlSistas, let me know how this works for you! It's been the ONLY way I detangle my unruly 4C hair before I shampoo.

Love ya!


What are you currently using to detangle your hair?

p.s. Stay tuned for our boo on DIY Natural Hair Products! We're so excited about it : )


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