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How To Maintain Your Curls While Working Out

As we all know, remaining consistent to a solid workout plan is very difficult. Maybe even more difficult than remembering to moisturize everyday (or reading the ingredients on hair products)! However, recently I've committed myself to my gym membership. That also means a consistent routine that will keep my curls hydrated and defined.

Pre-workout, I'll tie my hair up into a "pineapple" or I'll braid my hair into two French braids, applying a dime-sized portion of coconut oil all over. This style works best for all hair types! The pineapple keeps hair off the neck and is an easy transition from the weight room to the office.


 Accomplishing the pineapple:
1. Bend over.
2. Gather hair to the very top of your head.
3. Use a cloth covered scrunchie (the ones we used in the early 90's preferably) and slip the hair through. Remember not to tie it too tight or you'll have dented hair.
4.  Take your hand and fluff the curls gently. I use a refreshing water/lavender oil mix in a spray bottle to liven up the hair.
Or you can do a puff style using a scarf like Siara (@siisiibelle)
To avoid edges that have packed their things and gone south, I use a headband that will smooth my edges while I work out in additional to the pineapple. My favorite headband is Nike's Skinny Braided headband (here's a similar style). It's made with stretchy fabric that won't break hair. If my hair is braided I don't need the headband.

During the workout I'll use a microfiber hair towel to gently dab my hairline and neck to collect the sweat. That can be bought surprisingly at discount stores!

Post-workout, I bathe and make sure when I wash my face to rinse my hairline with water. I'll finally remove the pineapple scrunchie and shake my hair, spraying once more with my water/lavender oil mix to refresh curls. DevaCurl's Styling Cream is very light and also adds definition and moisture. If I want to be certain my curls will behave I'll use the cream sparingly all over (in scrunching motions).
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How do you rock your hair while working out?
xo, Bianca Harrison (@bianca_jae)

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