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Style Tips For Natural Hair In The Workplace

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Much has been said about natural hair in the workplace. Some deem it "unprofessional" or a distraction. But we here at CurlSistas know how beautiful natural hair is and we want you to celebrate your hair wherever you are! From wash and go’s to French Rolls, there are so many fun and creative ways to rock your natural hair at work. These natural hairstyles will have you primped, polished and poised on the job.

 Bun Styles

Buns are a great, versatile protective style that works for the office and the weekend alike. From topknots to sleek stretched styles, there are many versions of buns that are office appropriated. Don't feel tied down to just one!

Top Knot Bun


To get this topknot look, spritz your hair with water for some added moisture and pull your hair to the top of your head. Secure with a hair tie and then tuck your ends neatly into place by wrapping your ponytail around in a circle.

Classic Bun



To achieve this look, spritz hair with water, pull back and secure with a hair tie. Wrap the hair around the base and tuck in the ends. To keep your edges tamed, apply the crowd favorite ORS edge control. If you want a really sleek look, brush down your edges after apply the edge control and wrap a silk scarf around the edges for 15 minutes (or overnight if you choose).

Twists into a Bun

2 strand bun

Another fun way to add some personality to your bun is with twists and braids. Make a chunky two strand flat twist along your edges and gather it with the rest of your hair into a low bun, as detailed above. 


TWA Styles

Ok, so what if you don't have enough hair for a bun? What if you have barely any hair at all?! You can rock your TWA in a neat wash and go or try coiling it for a cute TWA with personality.

Sleek + Sophisticated

tamron TWA To achieve a wash and go on a TWA- a la the gorg Tamron Hall, add some Eco Styler Gel to freshly washed and conditioned hair and let dry. To maintain at night, sleep in a satin bonnet, scarf or on a satin pillowcase.

Coiled TWA

coiled TWA On washed and detangled wet (or damp) hair, section hair into small sections. Using a jelly styler like Eco Styler Gel, twirl your hair between index finger and thumb until the the entire section is coiled down to the tip. Secure with two prong clips while the coils dry. Finally seal with an oil like Alikay Naturals' Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil.

Updo Styles

Other updo's (besides buns), are great for work, as well. They can last all week and, if you cover your ends, they make a great protective style.

French Roll 

frenchroll   To learn how to achieve a french roll style, check out this video on the CurlSistas' YouTube channel.

Halo Crown

halo crown On stretched hair, apply a leave in moisturizer like  Giovanni's Direct Leave-In conditioner and make a small side part. Starting on the side of the part with the most hair, make one long two strand flat twist around your entire head. Once you reach the part, tuck the extra hair behind the start of the twist and secure with a bobby pin.

 Wash n Go

wash and go For the ladies who want to be free-tressed and fabulous, try a tamed wash and go. Make sure your curls are defined and most importantly, dry. No dripping at work! Like with a TWA, wash, condition and moisturize and add in Kinky Kurly Curling Custard for a soft yet defined hold. To speed up the drying time, use a diffuser after applying your products.

Twist Out

twist out work twistout work Another crowd pleaser is the infamous twist-out. Starting with stretched hair, divide hair into chunky sections, apply a moisturizer and a styler like Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie and twist from root to tip and let set overnight. In the morning, apply an oil to your fingertips to prevent frizz and undo the twists and fluff.


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Another fun way to spice up a work 'do is with accessories. Rock a cool headband, or spice up an updo with a hair comb or even create this cool bobby pin style.


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How are you wearing your hair to work, CurlSistas?

xo, Antoinette

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