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9 Unexpected Items That Give Natural Hair Great Results


Hair experiments. We're always up for trying something that will improve our hair's condition. We may find ourselves lost in a hair experiment for many reasons: the jar of our favorite product is running dry, no time to take a trip to the store, to save cash, or even just out of sheer desperation to find a solution to meet our natural hair needs. Many times it's because we're cautious of the harsh chemicals that come with commercial products and want to go the natural route. Whatever the reason may be, natural products really are amazing on our hair, no matter how bizarre they may sound at first. This has really inspired us here are CurlSistas to come out with a manual on how to make your own shampoos, conditioners and more right from your kitchen. More on this at the end of the post! Take a look at some crazy and unexpected things our fellow CurlSistas have been putting into their tresses....Maybe you'll find your next hair experiment!  1.) Crisco Contains oils such as soybean and palm that will help lock in hydration and keep your hair cuticle smooth. As a result? Beautifully defined and hydrated curls! And no, your hair won't smell like KFC : ) For more info on how to use Crisco in your hair, check out this post from our friends at and to see it in motion check out this vid from our girl Holly Tiara. Psss, she loved the results! 

2.) Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap as a styling tool can give you luxurious big, bouncy curls- all without having to use heat! But you'll have to watch Chime Edwards video to fully understand.
  3.) Apple Cider  Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a great way to to cleanse, detangle, and soften your tresses! Simply dilute with water (most people use 1 part ACV and 2 parts water) in a spray bottle and mist it onto moistened or dry hair, leave it on for 5-10 minutes, and rinse! Watch as our girl LHDC-TV raves about it and gives it a whirl!

4.) Alcoholic Beer (to revitalize curls and negate heat damage)

Got heat damage or just wanna spruce up limp, lifeless curls? Try a beer rinse! Literally spray or pour non-alcoholic beer into your hair and rinse for a revitalized and more voluminous mane! Our boo, MsToot7 gives it a try. 

5.) T-shirt Curls
All you need to achieve this look is an old cotton t-shirt cut into strips! Wrap locs of hair around the fabric strips as shown in the video and, voila! Youtube Itsmenayaful sexifies her 'do with an old tee. Check it out! 

6.) An Elastic Headband
That's right! An elastic headband can give you gorgeous curls. Put the headband around the base of your head, and tuck pieces of hair around the elastic as demonstrated by the gorgeous AccordingtoChloeC in this video. Super bouncy curls!

7.) Garlic and Onion
Garlic does more than just ward off the vampires! If you find that your hair is shedding more than usual, or just want to stimulate hair growth, crush up some garlic or onion and apply the juice to your hair and scalp as a treatment. Garlic stops the shedding and onion stimulates hair growth. After about 10-15 minutes (or as long as you can stand the smell) rinse it out and then follow up with a shampoo and conditioner. We love this article from BlackGirlLongHair, plus here's a vid from Cosmonista Shreyes. She adds essential oils to help mask the smell! 

8.) Okra
Okra when boiled into a gel is a great natural way to keep your hair soft and free of tangles due to it's slippery nature (as a gel). It also adds hydration to your hair, and can be used a volumizing agent! We found the article by CaribbeanCurls helpful as well as this video by Roots4U45- she loved how soft it made her hair. To watch the vid, click here.
made into a gel or shampoo/conditioner

9.) Tomatoes
Tomatoes can be used for cosmetic purposes such as reducing the oiliness of skin. They also provide us with antioxidants and many necessary vitamins and nutrients for survival. It's no surprise that tomatatoes when made into a mask, shampoo, or conditioner can help to add shine to the hair, reduce odor, and also retain moisture in our hair thanks to their richness in lycopene! Here's another helpful video by Roots4U45. Click here.

What do you ladies think? Will you be giving any of these a try? And if so, which are you starting off with? If you're feeling the magic of natural homemade DIY products, stay tuned for our Curlsistas e-book full of DIY recipes (shampoos, conditioner, moisturizers) that will keep your hair feeling luscious and fab! Coconut milk shampoo, anyone? xo, Nafeesa

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