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Proud moment, So grateful!

When my fiancé, Obi and I dreamt up, a destination for natural ladies w/ style, in late March of this year we never could have known just how fast it would grow and how many naturalistas aka Curlsistas we would inspire in the process.  I've been natural for 5 years now and Obi has always encouraged me to love and embrace my hair early on. He was def a reason why I started wearing it out early on in the beginning of my natural hair journey. So it made perfect sense for us to go into business together! Our goal with CurlSistas was to show the woman behind her natural hair, which brought to life our daily Curlsista of the Day series where we've featured women from all over the world: Dallas, BK, Paris, Nigeria. joybeforeafter1-600x518 10514046_1437258836560497_893605036_n Since I'd been in the fashion industry as a stylist (8 years) and blogger of (5 years), making the 1st media site that incorporated both natural hair and style seemed like a no brainer. Especially since I hadn't seen it happening already online. Obi took on the role on the business end, something he's incredibly good at- working with numbers and mapping out info. Me- I went for what I do best- creative directing. That Friday in late March we purchased, along with getting our InstagramFacebookPinterestTwitter and Youtube set up. From our living room, the CurlSista-hood movement was born on April 16th. Because of my prior blogging background w/, I'd always been a huge believer in the power of original content. I knew immediately that we had to have a shoot for, showcasing different Black women with beautiful natural hair. I posted a model search online and the response was amazing! I ended up with 6 models: writer Shaz, PR gal Shanika, Vanessa from Power 105, model/stylist Ni'ma, rapper SashaLee and student Binta. We added to this shoot talented photographer Toni Smailagic, MUA Dre Brown and natural hair powerhouse, Valerie Price, owner of Valerie's Signature Salon for Natural Hair right here in Harlem. (I actually met Valerie 2 days before the shoot (our original hair stylist couldn't make it) and she was excited to be apart of it all. The energy on that shoot was unlike any set I had ever been on before. Truly amazing. (Behind the Scenes vid here!) 16s

pic from our 1st CurlSistas shoot

I remember the first Instagram I posted on our brand spanking new Instagram. Then came another and another. Soon my friends began spreading the word- Olympic track star Sanya Richards-Ross, Ty Hunter, Ursula Stephen, Erica Lasan, Essence Gant, the list goes on. : ) It was such an exciting moment. The more we inspired our CurlSistas, the more they grew. Our goal was first to reach 1,000, which happened around the same time we launched on April 16 at 12pm. Then came 2,000 at Obi's bday dinner on May 3rd. We kept posting and shouting out our amazing CurlSista-hood, while also introducing our original content: our contributor Shaz Taylor's Big Chop Journal, our super popular Curlsista of the DayStyle Galleries complete w/ How To'sGet The Look style stores and more. Our team has also grown from just Obi and I to: 4 interns: Antoinettte, Nafeesa, Angela and Bianca and 2 contributing writers: Shaz + Ashley (who wrote the awesome Natural Hair and the Workplace piece (a MUST read) Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 1.23.08 PM

pic of some of the team: Nafeesa, Antoinette, Obi and I on National Sunglasses Day (lol)

It's been exciting to be featured by other blogs like Isioma's Style Report + FashionDazee : )

***As we hit our 3 month mark, Obi and I have some exciting news!!! We are putting the finishing touches on our 1st book: a natural hair manual for homemade DIY products (shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers + leave in treatments) and we have a line of clip-in virgin human hair natural hair textured extensions! Both coming out the in the next coming months! Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 1.22.12 PM

making my fave Coconut Milk Shampoo from our upcoming book


pic of me wearing our Kinky clip-in air extensions

The entire CurlSistas team thanks you for being apart of our family! We are excited for all that's to come: )

xo, Joy : )

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