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15 Fauxhawks For The Edgy CurlSista

There comes a point in every CurlSista's natural hair journey when she yearns for a bold, new and exciting way to style her hair. It begins to feel like you've watched every natural hair tutorial in the history of Youtube, and you're flat out bored! You don't want to run the risk of damaging your hair with harsh permanent dyes, and cutting may not be an option...So what's a naturalista to do? Pick up her soft brush and some bobby pins and try a out fauxhawks for an edgy, new look! (Plus, they make awesome protective styles.)


1. Braided + Puffed

Part your hair into six sections (three top sections, and three back sections). Start on one side section with a diagonal part beginning just before the ear, up to the base of the top middle section. Braid small, diagonal cornrows coming from the part that you've created on both sides. Using bobby pins, take sub-sections from the remaining sections of hair, working your way from front to back, wrapping and tucking the sub-sections to achieve the desired look. Secure with bobby pins.

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2. The Side-braid Fauxhawk

On detangled and moisturized hair, cornrow both sides, leaving the top and bottom out. Keep the ends of the cornrowed pieces sectioned off with clamps. After you've finished the cornrows, re-moisten the rest of your hair and apply your favorite gel or styling cream. Twist your hair into two strand twists. Allow hair to dry overnight or sitting under a hooded dryer on low heat. Once dried, remove two strand twists and fluff them up. Apply pins as needed.


3. The Classic Slick and Pin

On super stretched hair, apply a shine serum. Brush and smooth the sides of the hair up into a fauxhawk. Secure with bobby pins. Your're set, mama!


4. French Roll Braid-Hawk

Divide your hair into two large sections (form the top to bottom). Secure one section with a clamp. Flat twist hair in medium twists going to the center of the hair. Repeat on the other side. Once all the twists are complete, create a French twist, securing with bobby pins. So foxy!


5. Red Carpet Twist-and-Pin Faux-Hawk on actress Anika Noni Rose

On blown out hair, place hair into five sections (one on each side with three down the middle). Brush and smooth sides back, and apply an edge control agent to keep sides and edges at bay. Secure with bobby pins. Starting with the front section, wrap and tuck hair to the desired effect, and secure with bobby pins. Proceed with the side and nape sections of the hair. Finish off with a sheen spray.


6. Braids n' Sleek Spirals

On damp, detangled, and moisturized hair, section off the side quadrants of hair, making sure that hair is completely free of tangles and wet. Apply your favorite styling cream and cornrow hair to the center. Secure with bobby pins and then put hair into flexi-rods or curl formers in order to achieve smooth spiral curls.

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7. The Piecey-Hawk

On blown out hair, brush and bobby pin sides of hair into a faux hawk style. Using pomade, take pieces from the faux hawk, and create separation throughout the hair to achieve a "piecy" effect. Finish with a soft holding spray. 


8. Braids n' Corkscrews

Divide your hair into two large sections and hold with a large clamp (or two medium clamps). Braid hair towards the center in small cornrows. Spray hair with water to dampen and apply your leave in conditioner and styling products. Apply bobby pins to keep in place. Place all of the remaining hair into small bantu knots, and allow to dry overnight or by sitting under a hooded dryer. Once hair is dry, remove bantu knots, but do not pick them apart. 


9. The Braid and Twist-Hawk
Cornrow your hair into a fauxhawk in the desired pattern, twisting the ends of the cornrows along the edge of the fauxhawk. Wear remaining hair in a twist out or in your natural curl pattern.


10. The Fluffy Faux-Hawk
Wet your hair and apply your favorite leave in conditioner, oil, and styling products. Brush sides up into a faux hawk, and secure with bobby pins. Run a pick through your hair to fluff out your curls. Apply a shine spry or glossing serum if desired.


11. TWA Wash n' Pin
On freshly washed and detangled hair, apply your leave in conditioner, oil, and styling products. Brush sides of hair into a faux hawk and secure with bobby pins.


12. Edgy Undercut Twist-Out Mohawk
Have your hair stylist shave the sides of your hair into the desired style. On detangled and moisturized hair, apply your preferred styling products. Put your hair into small two strand twists and allow them to dry. Once dried, undo the twists and style as needed.


13. Ultra Defined Slick n' Pin
Brush sides of hair into a faux hawk style, and secure with bobby pins allowing the front of hair to remain loose.


14. The Teeny-Hawk
Have your hairstylist shave the sides of your twa into a mohawk style. Dampen your hair and apply your favorite styling gel. Using a soft bristle brush, brush the sides of your mohawk to come to a point.


15. The Roll n' Go Faux
Section your hair into six sections (three top/front, three back) Smooth the front and back side sections up into a faux hawk style, securing with bobby pins. Keep hair extra smooth with edge control, and smooth with a soft brush. Twist and roll hair into desired style and pin.


xo, Curlsistas
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