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Dos + Don'ts Of Caring For Your Kid's Natural Hair

If the late teens/early twenties were about finding myself, in that same amount of time I managed to lose my curl pattern. I bleached, permed, and weaved my hair, much too often. Coming into my mid-twenties, I started using products designed for curly hair. It was a desperate attempt to keep the damaged mop on my head moisturized and defined. These products contained ingredients that “smoothed” my curls rather than moisturized them. My curl type ranges between 3a to 3c—discovering this allowed me to research products more thoroughly. I began following tips from my new go-to guide,
Curly Girl, by Lorraine Massey, owner of Devachan salons. Devachan specializes in all things curly and natural, for children and adults alike.
Landon's before and after
Years later, as a mother to my three year old, Landon, I am properly equipped with the right tools to maintain his 3c/4a ringlets. His curls are about four inches longer when pulled—the boy has serious shrinkage! As a baby he certainly was not a fan of those detangling sessions, now we make it fun during bath time (plenty of bath toys are needed for comb-outs!).
photo (11)
Here are some of my dos and don’ts for maintaining toddlers’ curls. 

Do use wide-tooth combs when detangling hair while wet. My go-to product is Kinky
Curl’s product line for children, "Tiny Twirls Conditioner” and Ouidad’s detangling

Don’t just use any shampoo—as they are very drying. Make sure it is for curly
hair and for children. That way they'll be moisturizing, gentle and tear-free
ingredients included. I use Mixed Chick’s for Kids sulfate-free shampoo.

Do remember to add moisturizer daily to keep those ringlets healthy and happy.
Coconut oil (preferably raw and organic) has many advantages. My favorite brand is
Nature’s Way Coconut Oil in the 16oz jar. I use less than a dime-size and scrunch his curls daily. Another product I love is, Mixed Chicks for Kids, leave-in conditioner.

Don’t use rubber bands or gel to maintain hair in between washes, it promotes breakage and dries hair out. Instead, find a style like two braids that will keep their hair hydrated for those in-between days.
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This post was written by our newest intern, Bianca! Welcome to the CurlSistas team!
xo, -CurlSistas Staff

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