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/Editor’s Note/ Ever thought of taking the leap and going natural– but didn’t know what to expect? Our Big Chop Contributor (aka Big Chop Diva), Shaz Taylor who recently went natural, shares her #bigchop experience with you, freely and openly each Wednesday. Here’s what she had to say this week.xo.Joy Let me update you on my hair journey. Since my last post, my hair has noticeably grown, so we’re working on new photos to share on the blog (stay tuned!) It’s been a little over two months since my big chop and with summer heat quickly approaching; I really love not having relaxed hair anymore. I am sometimes tempted from looking at magazines and stalking Instagram accounts, but then I remember all of the work of flat ironing, putting in clip-ins, sew-ins, being pissed if it rained, etc. And my husband kindly reminds me that our apartment is a lot cleaner without having any ‘shedding.’ (Thanks, babe.) I have to say, I’m much happier today with my natural hair than I was immediately after doing it. It’s really grown on me (literally!) and has boosted my confidence tenfold. I scored a career-changing opportunity recently (after I shared my insecurities of interviewing with natural hair) and have met incredibly creative people by chance who’ve either admired my natural hair or I theirs’. You know, there’s something life-changing about any hair cut and for me, knowing that my hair is completely natural (the coils, the color, the shape) it makes me feel like anything and everything is possible if you just be who you truly are. To dress up my ‘do right now, I continue to wear statement earrings. I love stud earrings with colorful embellishments and floral shapes. I'm hoping that before the end of summer, my hair will grow just enough to play with some of my favorite summer trends like colorful bobby pins, pastel tips and braids- should I feel the need to really switch up my look. What summer trends inspire you? Is there anything bold that you want to try? -Shazmin

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