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Ask The CurlSistas: Natural Hair Ingredients + Moisture Kit


In our latest series we answer your most pressing natural hair, style and beauty questions. Simply send them over to!

Dear CurlSistas, I'm newly natural and am interested in using natural hair ingredients to give my curls some TLC. What are some that you recommend and what are some ways to store them stylishly, (without scaring away my boyfriend)? -Tiffany Dear Tiffany, Great question! Natural ingredients are a wonderful way to care for your natural hair since they don't involve chemicals or synthetic materials. With natural ingredients, your hair just gets the love it needs, no filler! We did some research and gathered up a few of our favorite natural ingredients below, plus a chic way to store it all with our new CurlSistas Moisture Kit!


FLAXSEED OIL Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, flaxseed oil is a key ingredient that can help you grow fuller, longer, and stronger curls, and help to keep your TWA healthy. You can simply massage flaxseed oil into your curls for instant hydration and sealage or create a holding gel by boiling the seeds in water and straining them. This flaxseed-gel concoction provides amazing curl definition, hold, and luster for all curl patterns and hair textures. Plus, it's completely natural!


Aloe vera is loaded with nutrients such as vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, Vitamin C, Choline and folic acid and minerals: calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium to help feed and strengthen your locks. Aloe vera also has great styling benefits for your curly haired needs! Because it's naturally slippery and gelatinous, it's perfect to apply during the detangling process in order to provide that extra slip that we often need to get through those pesky knots.
All the while, as you work out the kinks the aloe is doing work of its own to seal your cuticle to reduce frizz and moisture loss. It also has healing properties, for our CurlSistas out there looking for damage control from split ends, breakage, or dry scalp.


Bananas are a great ingredient to rev up any Curlsista's DIY haircare AND skincare products. We are already keen on the wonders that bananas do for our bodies as far as helping us with stomach pain, PMS, cognition, and being one of the most delicious ways that we deliver our bodes vitamin B6, Potassium, Vitamin C, manganese, fiber and biotin. That's why it's no surprise to us that bananas are great for a curlsista's hair (and skin) as well! They can be mixed and blended with other nutrient rich ingredients like honey, milk, yogurt and oils to create hair or facial masks that help to maintain hair and skin's hydration, reduce shrinkage, soothe dryness and heat damage, and make hair more manageable for styling and detangling!



Unrefined virgin coconut oil is one of the best moisturizing agents for your hair and skin! Once melted (like unrefined shea butter, unrefined coconut oil is solid in it's natural state), it can be used as a detangler, a leave-in conditioner, a hot oil treatment, and a curly gal's styling product. Because coconut oil is also anti-microbial and anti-aging, it's also great to hydrate the face and body with for silky-smooth, blemish free skin!

There you have it! If you're as obsessed with these luscious natural ingredients as we are stay tuned to our upcoming book, CurlSistas DIY Manual for Natural Hair: Recipes for Homemade Shampoos, Conditioners and Moisturizers, for just $5. Stay tuned!


Now that we've shared some of our favorite natural hair ingredients, the next big question is how to store them in a way you can be proud of. Ditch the tupperware and try our stylish CurlSistas' Moisture Kit. This awesome kit is just $10 and contains:

1 large 16oz Spray bottle: For your fave moisture mixes or just plain water (we use it for both!.) It sprays the perfect fine mist of fluid (so it's never too much or too little) and has a goof-proof on/off switch making it great for travel. Plus, its nice to look at : ) #winning

40z oil applicator: Combine your fave oils (like castor, flaxseed, almond) into this sleek container. The pointed tip makes it easy to get right to your scalp, which can dry out easily. Unlike most oil applicators, this one closes tight with a quick twist. You can also use the oil applicator to store your DIY natural hair care shampoos. We recently made a batch of super moisturizing CurlSistas Creamy Coconut Milk shampoo, one of the recipes in our upcoming book!

40z and 6oz cobalt blue containers: Bring a vibrant pop of color to your bathroom counter! Store your shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil and other mixtures in these cute containers that close tightly for easy travel. They're essential in any CurlSistas hair arsenal!

Get your Moisture Kit here for $10!

-xo CurlSistas

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