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/Editor’s Note/ Ever thought of taking the leap and going natural– but didn’t know what to expect? Our Big Chop Contributor (aka Big Chop Diva), Shaz Taylor who recently went natural, shares her #bigchop experience with you, freely and openly each Wednesday. Here’s what she had to say this week.xo.Joy


Like the flowers in bloom, TWA’s are popping up everywhere. This week I noticed a lot of more natural sistas as I go about my day. At the market, on the train and also at work, I see beautiful coils being rocked with an "sky's the limit" confidence. I sometimes get a smile or head nod when I pass another natural sista on the street; it’s like being a part of an awesome club that is quickly making its presence wildly known. Yesterday on my way to work I noticed 4 women, including myself rocking a TWA in my subway car. We were across the charts of age, ethnicity, style and personality. But, we all rocked it with such a 'cool' factor that we demanded looks of intrigue, attraction and acceptance. I’m learning that we can’t expect the majority of people to accept our natural beauty without accepting it ourselves. I love and sometimes miss my extensions, but that’s all they are: an extension of our own personalities. As my hair gradually grows from crew cut to TWA this month, I am anxious to see how the rest of my hair journey will go. I sometimes look (read: stare) at women’s natural hair and wonder if my hair will someday look like theirs. However, in my research I have learned that my hair type now may not be the same in the next 3 months let alone years from now. It’s something that I look forward to seeing and absolutely look forward to sharing with you. -Shazmin Big Chop Diva You can also find me on

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