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/Editor’s Note/ Ever thought of taking the leap and going natural– but didn’t know what to expect? Our Big Chop Contributor (aka Big Chop Diva), Shaz Taylor who recently went natural, shares her #bigchop experience with you, freely and openly each Wednesday. Here’s what she had to say this week.xo.Joy Will trading in the pink lotion get you a pink slip? Just like my hair, my life is going through a transition as I work on pursuing both my personal and professional goals. For the first time, I've wondered: is my natural hair getting in the way of new opportunities? It' a shame that the thought alone crosses my mind, but as I climb that socio-economic ladder, I take each step with purpose, making sure that I represent myself in the best light possible. Business attire, check. Portfolio, check. References, check. Fear of a future employer not getting past my natural hair, present. Since I have been on the other side of the hiring process, I know that overall appearance is factored in when bringing in a new candidate. They want someone organized in both their work and in how they represent themselves and possibly a brand. I have lucked out so far or seemingly so far with my natural hair not being a factor for new opportunities, but have you experienced the opposite? Maybe I am lucky that everyone's current 'It Girl,' Lupita Nyong'o is killing it right now. But, I’ll take it. What questions have your boss or colleagues asked you about your natural hair? Is there anything that really bothered you?   -Shazmin Big Chop Diva You can also find me on

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