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Curlsistas All-Stars

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/Editor's Note/ Here at Curlsistas, we're more than just twistouts and curl patterns- we want to get to know you and what makes you feel beautiful. The wonderful woman behind her natural hair.

It's been an amazing 4 weeks of the Curlsistas' Curlsista of the Day daily series. In this time we've chronicled 14 marvelous women: Binta, Ni'ma, Diamond, Vanessa, Shanika, Asiyami, Sasha Lee, Raven, Nieka, Yagazie, Kamilah, Cynthia, Nelly and Keshia. They've spanned the globe- from places as close as Atlanta and as far as Lille, France. We've shared their beautiful pics, and got to know them personally with intriguing questions about passion, love, and what simply makes them smile.

Working on this series each day has simply been a privilege and I so enjoyed reading about these amazing women. As we continue on to the Curlsistas of next week and onward, let's celebrate the women who have graced these pages thus far. Do you have a fave?

Thank you gorg gals!

.xo.Joy = the wonderful woman behind her natural hair.

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