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CurlSista of the Day: Yagazie from Nigeria


/Editor's Note/ Like many of the amazing CurlSista of the Day ladies, I found out about Yagazie on Instagram and was immediately drawn to her. She's beautiful, yes, but there was so much depth and intrigue to her. Yagazie is from Nigeria, like me, and when I first heard her accent it felt like home. Plus, she's hilarious! My fiancé and I checked out her Youtube videos that day and we couldn't stop laughing. She's witty, real and quite delightful.xo.Joy

.Meet Yagazie.

Name: Yagazie Ledi Francisca Emezi, 25

Background: My father is Nigerian (Igbo) and my mother is Malaysian (Tamil). I was born and raised in Aba, Nigeria until I was 16.

Where do you live? I currently live in Lagos, Nigeria

What do you do? I am a visual curator and blogger. I'm also a cartoonist, but that's part-time.


How long have you been a natural gal? All my life.

What do you love about being natural? Seeing as I have always had my hair as is, I love being natural simply because it is a part of me and I love me some me.


What's your hair regimen? I keep it simple. Wash and condition with really whatever was the cheapest at the store and attack my hair with shea butter afterwards. As a child, it was the same but with Pink Lotion instead!

Top fave hair products? I stick with my shea butter and coconut oil.


How do you describe your fashion style? Comfortable. I dress according to my mood. On certain days you can find me decked out in all black; black sweats, black baggy shirt, black lipstick and perhaps a choker. Other days you could find me prancing around in a sundress with flowers in my hair. Sometimes, I'm just a clash of prints and colors. Unless it were a meeting, such as an interview, I don't believe in 'presenting' myself to people or an event and having them judge me based on my attire. Not all the time, at least! 'Dress how you want to be addressed' is true, but more than anything, dress how you want to friggin' dress.


What are your fave stores to shop? I just moved to Lagos so I'm yet to discover stores that draw me in. But back in the States, I enjoyed browsing through JCPenny's (people underestimate that store!) and a good thrift store such as Buffalo Exchange. I'm forever on the hunt for good deals and I believe that you can look as good as you want to for a good price, not a ridiculous one.

Do you have a fave designer? Nope.

One item you can't leave home without? My iPod. I enjoy getting lost in music when I drive or walk around. My mind is constantly running all over the place and music helps me to focus a bit more.


Fave things to do on the weekend? New things. I try to find something new to do as often as possible. It could be camping in the Grand Canyon, finding hot springs up in the mountains or dancing with strangers on the beach. This past weekend in Lagos, I walked with a friend around Lagos Island at night. There was music and sweat and dirt and buildings so close together that it was as if they were breathing on one another. And we got lost in the sea of burning lamps and good food. I try to find magic whenever I can.

Fave travel destinations? I've seen Malaysia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, UK, Scotland, India and others, but I can never point out a favorite destination. It's not a matter of where you go, but the experiences you have. I like to go places that carry the promise of unforgettable memories.


What do you wish for? I wish to be happy and have the ability to create happiness among others.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In five years, I see myself carrying my talk show successfully and through my website, fully supporting young African creatives.


What's some words of wisdom that you live by? I swear that I come up with my own phrases of wisdom! Be kind and mean it. People KNOW how to be kind, how to make others matter, how to do it. But it's the intent behind it all that matters.

What makes you smile? I'm that person who smiles at everything. I smile at a good smile. I smile at random thoughts/memories. More than anything, I make myself smile because that's a step to my happiness for the day or the moment.


Random fact: I scared of toads and frogs. I will cry if I see one too close.


Where can our readers find you (Instagram, twitter, website, etc?)

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