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CurlSista of the Day: Raven from LA (of The Next Style Star)



/Editor's Note/ Last week, my BFF celeb stylist Wayman Bannerman introduced me to Raven (@swankstylista) over Instagram and I of course fell immediately in love with her style. She rocks everything from flirty dresses to DIY crop tops and looks amazing each time. Plus, her 'fro is epic. Raven is a contestant on The Platform's The Next Style Star and she just won her round! Congrats!xo. Joy

.Meet Raven.

Name/Raven Roberts, 28

Background/African American

Where do you live?  Los Angeles, CA

What do you do?  Wardrobe Stylist/ Fashion Blogger

How long have you been a natural gal?  It will be 4 years August 10.

What do you love about being natural?   I love the versatility with styling.

What's your hair regimen?  Wash, condition and style once a week... At night I put it in a pineapple and re-fluff in the morning.

Top 5 fave hair products?

-Giovanni's leave-in and Smooth As Silk conditioner

-DevaCurl Set It Free

-Shea Moisture Shea Butter deep conditioner

-Coconut oil



How do you describe your fashion style?  I enjoy combining vintage pieces with high end pieces. I love thrift and vintage shopping.

What are your fave stores to shop?  Goodwill, H&M, Zara, Council of Jewish Women

Do you have a fave designer?  The 2 Christians. Siriano and Louboutin.

One item you can't leave home without?  Definitely my cell phone. I feel lost without it. And I'm obsessed with Instagram.

Fave things to do on the weekend?  With my line of work I have no concept of weekend, lol. I don't really have a Monday or Friday either. But I do look forward to church on Sundays.


Fave travel destinations?  Favorite places I've been are New York and Savannah. Love them clearly for completely opposite reasons.

What do you wish for?  I wish for equality for all men and racism to end. The fact that it still exist makes my heart hurt.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  Living a fabulous bi-coastal life. Being known for my styling and blog.

What are some words of wisdom that you live by?  Everything is possible through God.


What makes you smile?  Good times with my friends and family.

Random fact:  I'm a foodie. I love bacon, donuts and cupcakes.


Where can our readers find you (Instagram, twitter, website, etc?)



Instagram: @swankstylista

Twitter: @swankstylista

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