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CurlSista of the Day: Asiyami from Atlanta

/Editor's Note/ I first saw Asiyami on Instagram when we started @curlsistas 3 weeks ago. She fit right into what CurlSistas is all about, natural hair women with amazing personal style and that special "it" factor. We went on to feature her on Insta a handful of times. She's beautiful, interesting, intelligent, and incredibly stylish.
.Meet Asiyami.
Name/ Asiyami Gold Wekulom, 22

Born and raised in Port-Harcourt,Nigeria. My family is from a small village called Abua in Rivers State.

Where do you live?
I live in Atlanta, Georgia

What do you do?
I'm currently a nursing student, but I also find time to play around with other things that I do enjoy doing. Such as making clothes, taking pictures, cooking, and traveling in my spare time.

You launched your A.Au debut collection for Spring 2014. How did this collection come about and what was your inspiration? How long have you been designing?
I was tired of walking into retail stores and not being able to find affordable clothing that I liked and after my trip to Thailand I was inspired by how hard the women worked for their daily bread. I returned from Thailand and went straight to my friend's basement and got to work, I wanted to make clothes for myself and other women who also felt uninspired when they walked into retail stores. I've been making clothes since 2010, I learned how to construct them better (inside-out) from a good friend of mine Taryn Andre, she's awesome.

How long have you been a natural gal?
I started my natural journey in 2011. I woke up one morning and decided to cut my hair off, I wanted a fresh start at life in general because at that point i was dealing with a lot emotionally.

What do you love about being natural?
I love the density of my hair, it's a lot healthier than it was when I had it relaxed. I also love the versatility of natural hair. It can be straight and curly as well, you have more styling options in comparison to relaxers.

What's your hair regimen?
I tried adopting a hair regimen but I am really lazy with my hair. I keep it in sew-ins or braids to avoid messing it up by not taking proper care of it.

Top fave hair products?
Water, vitamins, eating better and exercising. As a nursing student I'm well aware that hair growth has a lot to do with our genetics and not the amount of products we use on our hair. Hair has a growing and resting phase, I try not to overly indulge all the products out there. I did that the very first time I cut my hair and I realized that I was just wasting my money on products. Shea butter is my number one investment because I use it for my hair and skin.

How do you describe your fashion style?
My fashion style is all over the place. I dress based on how I feel. A white shirt is always pristine/posh. On the days when I want to look clean/chic any white shirt in my closet is a go to. I also have an affinity for prints, I try to incorporate prints and colors in everything that I wear. I love vibrant clothing (it makes me happy) especially during spring and summer time. I feel that you can tell a lot about a person on how well they put their self together.

What are your fave stores to shop?
Zara, Madewell, Asos, a good vendor from aliexpress, and a nice thrift shop.

Do you have a fave designer?

One item you can't leave home without?
My cell phone. I love taking pictures of everything that I find beautiful. So much beauty surround us each day that we fail to notice. Having my phone with me forces me to document the things I see and pay attention to what's around me being that I'm steadily looking for something to be in awe of.

Fave things to do on the weekend?
Spend time with my family, almost everyone in my house is a comedian. I spend most of my time at home laughing. If I'm not at home I'm with a good friend stuffing my face, having a good conversation and watching a movie or a documentary.

Fave travel destinations?
Thailand, Paris, Mexico and London (only because of Nandos)

What do you wish for?
I wish to become the best I can be and to serve the purpose that I was called here to do. I don't want to be the servant who buried my talent, I want to share my gifts with the world and bless others in the way that God has blessed me.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In five years hopefully I have the career of my dream--working for myself. I want to be laying the foundation of the school I plan to build in Nigeria by then. Own several businesses and go in to research for cures to diseases. Possibly engaged or dating someone who I'm in awe of, aha that's hard to find these days.

What's some words of wisdom that you live by?
Be compassionate towards everyone you come on contact with, and treat others the way you would want others to treat you-- Love thy neighbor as thyself, which is hard to do but should be something we really practice.

What makes you smile?
Anything beautiful, days when the sun sets perfectly and the hues on the sky look like a painting. I see God-beauty and that makes me smile.

Random fact:
I likes sniffing flowers. I recently found a nice market in Atlanta that sells good flowers and I go there just to sniff them. I love flowers and I don't think the world would be as beautiful without them...sadly.

Where can our readers find you (Instagram, twitter, website, etc?)
Instagram and Twitter: @asiyami_gold

She's so awesome : ) .xo. Joy
Get Asiyami's colorful, print happy look:
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