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Curlsista of the Day: Vanessa from Harlem


/Editor's Note/ I met Vanessa at Lenox Coffee cafe one night when Obi and I were having a CurlSistas meeting. I loved her personality, her beautiful curls and immediately asked her to be apart of our first CurlSistas shoot a couple days later : )

.Introducing Vanessa.

Name/Vanessa Denis, 25

Where do you live?
Harlem, NY
What do you do? I live!! In all seriousness, I work for New York's Power 105.1 as the Online Content Editor and I get to do web interviews for iHeartRadio/Power 105.1.

How long have you been a natural gal? Hair talk! I've been natural all my life. I started to learn how to maximize my wearing it out (without blow drying after each wash) in 2009. When I turned 16 my mom offered to let me get a perm on my birthday and I decided against it because I get bored with straight hair after a while.

What do you love about being natural?
I can switch looks; straight one day or wild and curly the next.

What's your hair regimen? (Washing, Conditioning, Styling, etc)
My hair regimen changes all the time!! I wish there was one thing I could do everyday, all year round, to get my curls to pop. For the winter/spring of 2014, I just wash/co-wash my hair & occasionally diffuse my hair after applying a hair product (Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding/Beautiful Textures Curl Pudding). I don't always have the patience for the diffuser and I may blow dry my hair without the attachment to quickly dry the roots after a wash/cowash.  To refresh my curls, I used Wrap & Roll by Jane Carter, but I just ran out of it! Before using Jane Carter, I would spritz my hair with Infusium 23 mixed with some water. I know, shocking! I don't do the egg, avocado, honey treatments or any of that, I never felt the need to do it.

Top 5 fave hair products?
Cantu Shea Butter
Miss Jessie's Quick Curl
Wrap & Roll Jane Carter
Kinky Curly Custard
Dr. Miracle's Edge Control (to lay down them edges into a BUN!)

How do you describe your style?
This is hard because I go through different phases. Right now I like the causal business look that can transition into the night. Translation: Fitted pants/tops with loafers or heels. On the weekends, I run wild with jeans, tights, satin shirts, bright colors, whatever. I'm still searching for "my look."

What are your fave stores to shop?
I like thrifting. Retail stores are fun to spot trends, but I really prefer to hit up Goodwill, Unique or whatever thrift shop I can find.

One fashion item you can't leave home without?
A bag! In my teens and in my early in college years I hated using a bag, but I would wind up carrying too much in my hand or pockets. I try to avoid looking lost and carry a small to medium sized bag with the necessities for that day.
Fave things to do on the weekend? Bar hop, movie marathons, or catch up on what everyone's sharing on my personal Facebook feed!

Where can our readers find you (Instagram, twitter, website, etc?) Please stalk me, if you want, on Twitter/Instagram: @IamVanessaDenis. You can also visit my website to learn a little more about myself and to see some dating stories. I plan on introducing different features soon, please visit. I also have a webpage on where you can see some web-interviews I've hosted. Enter: "Vanessa" in the keyword box on the website to see the fun web-interviews I've hosted.

Be happy and have fun with your curls, my curlsistas!
She's such a sweetheart : ) Check back tomorrow for our next amazing CurlSista of the Day feature.
Vanessa is wearing: West & Main top / Karl Kani jeans / Steve Madden boots / T+J necklace / Vintage clutch
Photography: Toni Smailagic
Makeup: Dre Brown
Hair: Valerie Price, owner of Valerie Signature Salon for Natural Hair in Harlem
Stylist: Joy Adaeze, co-founder of

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