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CurlSista of the Day: Ni'ma from Brooklyn



Name: Ni'ma Ford, 24

Where do you live?

What do you do?
Fashion stylist, creative director and model.

How long have you been a natural gal?
All my life.

What do you love about being natural?
I'm low maintenance so having short natural hair to me is simple, yet it's still beautiful, because it's all me.

What's your hair regimen?
I'm a wash and go type of girl, I co wash and style with coconut oil and curl puddings. (Blue-black hair via Mani Panic.)

Top 5 fave hair products?
Coconut oil
Shea butter
Uncle Funky's Daughter

How do you describe your style?
Vintage Pop, I love femme pieces with color that makes it fun and youthful.

What are your fave stores to shop?
One of my fave thrift stores is No Relations.

One item you can't leave home without?

Fave things to do on the weekend?
I really enjoy just having time with myself, reading and grabbing a sweet snack.

Where can our readers find you?
Forever 21 dress / Concerse sneakers / Mercura shades / H&M rings / ASOS earrings / African bangles / Vintage clutch
Photography: Toni Smailagic
Makeup: Dre Brown
Hair: Valerie Price, owner of Valerie Signature Salon for Natural Hair in Harlem
Stylist: Joy Adaeze, co-founder of

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